looking at that screenshot made me realize i have 22% power which is very confusing bc its 11am

top humor

top humor

also 1st class of 3rd year of college went well 

the people behind me in line at the atm and i were discussing proper atm technique, our personal records at how fast we can do it, etc… fav sport



for some reason spiders dont phase me anymore i just saw one crawling across my stomach and i kinda just stared at it and then flicked it off

i drank some and im not dead so i think its good to go

never neglect positivity. dont give yourself a few minutes of gossip or complaining bc its an addicting toxin that has no place in ur life. announcement by isaac


i am the almost empty shampoo bottle in the shower of life

facegroper replied to your post: i had a waterbottle i needed cleaned s…

he tried at least

i think he did what was best i just dont know if i should drink outta it. i poured scathing hot water in it and im letting it sit