*sees moon*
*remembers outer space*

Anonymous: do you consider "hella" a swear word?

nahhhh but if people do i understand and i dont say it cause im not from nor cal but i dont consider it swearing

today honestly was one of my favorite of the quarter so far

mackle-least replied to your post: i was able to make and wrap an entire …

Where do you work? Or is it just casual burrito making?

tacos to go i work thursday morning and friday dinner. find me

i was able to make and wrap an entire burrito with one hand today

Anonymous: is your tongue ok

it hurt a lot last night and this morning and we looked at it and im p sure i bit a bit of it off but it doesnt hurt as bad also it was super minor like ill be fine haha

makin myself a chipmunk by sucking up helium this is fun

i just bit my tongue harder than i ever have….